How does distance learning work?

Students log into their courses to read the course material and watch videos of the teacher teaching the lesson.

They will then work on the corresponding assignments and, when finished, submit them to their teacher. Teachers will be available during this time through email, phone, or online video to answer any questions. The material will be marked and sent back to the student with feedback. Quizzes and tests will be arranged between the teacher and student to be written at a time that works best.

For students in Grades 10-12, a final exam (and occasionally a midterm exam) will need to be supervised by a professional outside of your family. This person can be local to your area. There is no need to travel to the DLC or a major centre to write your exams. Your teacher will provide you with more details regarding proctor requirements toward the end of the course.

How much does it cost?

The DLC provides fully funded K-12 education, in line with Ministry of Saskatchewan guidelines, for students across the province until the age of 22. Your child will be receiving the same curriculum as they would in a brick and mortar school, but they will be able to complete these provincial outcomes in the comfort of your own home!

For students over the age of 22, the DLC offers the same curriculum at a cost of $500 per course.

What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized Learning is an approach to education that helps your family learn in a way that works best. Personalization of resources is available at the DLC to students in Grades K-6. Some families prefer more structure and guidance, while others like to choose learning paths that involve more independence. Either way, your family will still receive the same teacher support and access to the full range of DLC resources.

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What does the DLC provide?

We will send you the resources you need for the school year, including DLC teacher-created resources with the books and materials you’ll need to ensure your success. Resources for students in Kindergarten to Grade 9 will be mailed to you upon registration. The majority of our resources for students in Grades 10-12, including textbooks, are available online.

What do I provide?

Parents are essential to student success in distance learning. You will provide the structure and learning environment for students. Dedicating a specific time and space for learning is invaluable to student success. You will work as a team with teachers to provide an education that works for your child. Common school supplies such as paper, pens, and notebooks will also be supplied by you.

What are the technology requirements?

As part of an online school, DLC students will need to have access to the internet in order to view course material and submit their assignments. A desktop or laptop is recommended for most DLC courses. It will sometimes be necessary for students to be able to submit PDF documents (by using a scanner or smartphone app) and have access to a recording device (like a camera or smart phone). Many of our students also find it helpful to have access to a printer.

Not sure if you have the tech skills?

Don’t worry, the DLC has you covered. We provide orientation to support your family and develop your skills. This online resource will help your family learn and practice skills needed to successfully complete DLC courses and reach your learning goals. DLC Orientation will cover:

  • how to navigate your course
  • the best ways to communicate with your teachers
  • how to hand in your assignments
  • the best environment for learning
  • how to effectively schedule and plan ahead
  • the supports and resources that are available to you

DLC Orientation is a valuable resource to get you started on a successful learning path!

Once registered, you get a free orientation course to help you learn online learning skills! This quick refresher helps you start your online journey!