Receive Saskatchewan Credits in the comfort of your own home!

Fully Funded Education

The DLC provides fully funded high school education for students under the age of 22 across the province. You will receive Saskatchewan credits, recorded on your official transcript with the Ministry of Education, but you will be able to complete these provincial credits in the comfort of your own home!

“I appreciate the work that the division has done to help students work ahead and start planning more for the future. If you are thinking about taking a dual credit course through the DLC I highly recommend it!”

Cheyanne, former DLC student

Prepare for high school and beyond

Academic Advisors are in place to help DLC high school students explore career options and offer tools to help you understand your strengths when thinking about your future. They will offer advice and guidance on your course choices and make sure you have the credits you need to graduate.

We’re here to help

A certified teacher will be assigned to you for each of your courses and will be available for communication during school hours by phone or email. They also travel to various locations throughout the year for tutoring and proctoring sessions to work with students face to face.

In addition, as a DLC student, you will be able to tap into the DLC HelpDesk, which provides technical support for accessing digital resources, utilizing programs and tools, digitally submitting assignments, and e-communication.

All of our teachers are certified and excited to work with your students! Click below to get started or call 306-252-1000 for more information or contact us at

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