What is personalized learning?

The DLC offers ready-to-go lesson plans and structured learning to those who seek it.

But that model is not a fit for everyone. Personalized learning is a terrific opportunity for families with students in Kindergarten to Grade 6 choose the resources they will use, and how they will go about learning what they need to learn in order to cover the outcomes as set out by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

“Fostering independence is the most valuable thing I do for my children and their success. By giving them the confidence to try new things and the ability to do research, I feel they will be set up for the future.”

Tara M Mother and Learning Mentor to Grade 6, 8 & 11

You have voice and choice

As a family, you can choose the tools you use and the pace you will learn. You work as a team with your teacher to decide the way you will demonstrate learning and show evidence that you’ve met – or mastered – the curricular outcomes. This freedom can foster great academic and personal success and we see our role as enabling, co-creating, and supporting you regardless of which pathway you take.

With freedom comes responsibility

To help you make decisions and build a plan that best suits your family’s needs.

We encourage you to think about how your family works best.

What is your student’s age and maturity level? What is their level of independence? How much hand-on involvement do you plan to have in your child’s learning? Are you interested in creating (or co-creating) the timeline, routines, and environment in which your family will learn? Or do you prefer more teacher support in these areas?

To learn more or to find out if personalized learning is for you, contact dlchelp@sunwestsd.ca or call 306-252-1000.